Just Click Travels Pvt. Ltd.
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Any cash deposited in banks other than the ones specified below will attract Rs. 20 per Rs. 1000.
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ICICI bank
A/c Name: Just Click Travels pvt. Ltd.
A/c No.: 016005006453
Branch : Model Town, Delhi
RTGS/NEFT Code: ICIC0000160
Account Type: Current
Cash Deposit Allowed: Yes
**Important Notice - Kindly note we do not authorise any sales person to collect cash on behalf of our company. Any agent/distributor dealing in such matter will be solely doing on their individual liability and Just Click Travels will not bear any liability/loss for the same.

I am traveling with infant - Is there anything special I need to carry?

Babies between the age of 0 to 2 years are considered to be an infant, and 2 to 12 years are consider to be child. Infants are not allocated separate seats. For an infant ticket, it is mandatory to carry the birth certificate of the infant along with the ticket

What is the age limit of Infant, Child, Adult and Senior citizen?

Age range of Infant – 0 - 2 Years.
Age range of Child – 2 - 12 Years.
Age range of Adult – 12 - 60 Years.
Age range of Senior citizen – Above 60 years.

How many passenger can I booked in one PNR ?

Maximum nine passengers can be booked under one PNR.

What is LCC airline?

LCC stands for low cost carrier airline. LCC airline can be ticketed only . LCC airline does not provide the option of hold ticket.

What is Non LCC airline?

Non LCC stands for Non low cost carrier airline. Non LCC airline provide the option of hold ticket.

How do I book a one-way, roundtrip flight?

When searching for flights from the JustClickKaro home page or the Flight search page, you can choose from the following flight types:

Roundtrip means you fly from one location to another, and then back to the first location. Roundtrip flights may include charter fares.

One way means you fly from one location to another, and will not return to the first location. One-way flights may include charter fares.